It is possible to heal from abuse

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Change your life for real! Be apart of the Powerful Healing System that saved my life and now is saving anyone who tries it! Why pay for hours of therapy when for the cost of two sessions, you can have access to unlimited hours of therapy! A therapy method that is guaranteed to work. All you need is a willingness to believe that you can end the cycle of abuse!

Theta Healing Therapy works on your unconscious beliefs and emotions. This program comes with over 2,000 ways to heal from abuse. The program teaches you how to perform Theta Healing on yourself to heal from Narcissistic Abuse. All for the price of two therapy visits! It works on both the abused and the abuser. It is a therapy process which will heal your shame, pain, anger, fear, regret, sadness, guilt, the pain of invalidation, helps with dealing with law enforcement and the courts, helps to learn to love again, helps to say YES to life, rebuilds trust, helps with how you are coping, helps you regain being in your body and more. All for the price of two therapy visits! My job is to teach you how to change your emotions and feelings so your life can change beyond your dreams and you can feel a thousand times better! I want you to experience the healing I’ve had by using Theta Healing for trauma. This therapy program will lead your life to be more radiant, incredible, fulfilling, energizing and empowered then you ever believe possible. Plus, You will end the cycle of abuse. It is possible to heal from narcissistic abuse in a way that will leave your life more amazing and radiant then it was before the trauma! You heal with love. Click Here for a free Session! I want you to heal so that you can feel how amazing I feel – and free from the abuse.


Read About How Theta Healing Therapy Will Change Your Life:

Step One: Laying a Foundation

In a meditative state, you will ascend to heaven and give your pain to God. In the process, you will go through an emotional process that will leave you feeling a millions times better. The first process in healing from Narcissistic Abuse is to lay a foundation. Often there are many more scars than we realize with Narcissistic Abuse. Part One addresses  Self Care (how we treat ourselves), Support  (helps us establish support before we address the trauma), Trust, Forgiving God, Establishing Self -Acceptance, Establishing Safety,  Establishing Self-Esteem and Creating Trust in Self. Part One of this healing method lays a foundation for you to begin to work on your bigger issues. Unlike traditional therapy, you see results because you are not trying to talk yourself into believing or feeling something. Instead, you give your pain away and resolve through it to feel something more amazing. It feels like you are seeing miracles with this process.


Step 2 in this healing method addresses the core issues in Narcissistic. HEAL FROM PTSD, HEAL FROM SHAME OF WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, HEAL FROM INVALIDATION, SCAPGOATING AND BLAME, HEAL FROM FEELINGS OF INJUSTICE AND BETRAYAL, NEEDING APPROVAL, NEEDS, WANTS, GOALS, EMOTIONAL ISSUES, CODEPENDENCY, Heal from what happened to you, BODY ISSUES,  MONEY, BOUNDARIES, VERBAL ABUSE, RAPE (and sexual abuse), SELF-SABATOGE, and anything else that bothers you. Holding on to the pain does nothing to help us. Letting go of the pain allows us to open up to more positive feelings.


Step 3 in healing from Narcissistic Abuse is to learn how to love yourself. Issues this therapy method works on are: DESERVEDNESS, LOVING SELF, SELF-SETEEM, LOVING YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY, SAYING YES TO LIFE, SUPPORT FROM OTHERS, KNOWING YOURSELF AS A DIVINE CREATION OF GOD



Theta Healing Therapy is a system that works on your unconscious beliefs. You meditate that you are ascending to heaven and giving your pain to God. In the process, you go through an emotional process of acceptance and forgiveness – for yourself and others. It may seem strange to forgive an abuser, but when you hold onto the pain, you are taking on the abuser’s pain and allowing it to dictate your life. Forgiveness is not about saying the abuse is okay, forgiveness is for yourself so that you can let the pain go and allow something else to move into your life.  Theta Healing Therapy is a Narcissistic recovery program that teaches you how to resolve your pain and emotions, instead of just logically resolving it like traditional therapy does.  It creates miracles in your life and others! In the process, you resolve negative emotions – sometimes even things that have plagued you for life! This therapy program will lead your life to be more radiant, incredible, fulfilling, and empowered then you ever believe possible. It is possible to heal from Narcissistic Abuse in a way that will leave your life more amazing and radiant then it was before the trauma! You heal with love. You get endless hours of therapy, all for the price of two visits to a therapist! Click Here for a free Session!


“My whole life was abuse. I kept leaving abusive situations only to find that I would meet another abusive person. My life had to change – I was willing to do anything. I tried therapy but I found that each therapist I went to struggled with understanding how abuse works. I got more out of self help books. What was different about Theta Healing Therapy is that I resolved my pain. After that, I didn’t have to do anything, I found new ways to be that created space for new things, without even trying. I realized a lot about what I was doing that attracted abuse that I could never see. I now know that unless a man compliments me on a date, I just need to get up and leave. I had never gotten approval in childhood, so I didn’t know to expect a compliment. I now know not to even go on a date without first being complimented. Before this, I would try everything to protect me from abuse, including saying on dating website that I helped abuse victims. It is just that simple – there needs to be a compliment or I need to leave. Theta Healing Therapy opened my life up in so many ways. I can’t even explain how it helped with little things – I feel excited to work, I feel excited by my car – everywhere where I used to struggle and feel mundane or stressed, I now feel joy. And that doesn’t even include how wonderful I feel after resolving the big issues” – Lisa Marie Jachetta

“Theta Healing Therapy helped me most by helping me learn to love myself. I always thought I liked myself, and I seemed confident, but I didn’t love myself. I found that because I got no love in childhood, I treated myself and my children the same way. I was the critical parent to myself and my children. Theta Healing Therapy allowed me to process my pain. I discovered the biggest difference was the way that I no longer was a critical parent to my kids and myself. I no longer beat myself up when I try something, but find enjoyment in things that used to stress me out. I’ve opened myself up to new possibilities, I treat myself better. I say Yes to life in a way I never thought possible. My kids are thriving and so am I” -Tommy Lee Philips

“I didn’t want to, but I abused my kids. Therapy helped me with being a better parent, but it didn’t resolve my anger. I would yell all the time at my kids, for one. Addressing the abuse I experienced has freed me from the anger. My relationships, my kids, my job, my marriage – everything is better” Maria Lousie


This program comes with over 2,000 ways to heal from abuse. All for the price of two therapy visits! It works on both the abused and the abuser.